Bitless Bridle

Bitless Bridle

The bitless bridle is a new form of bridle that has been around for a couple of years. It has been proven safer for the horse, and for the rider, and it provides good control of the horse and at the same time protects the horse from the entire problems associated with the bronze bit.

The idea of the biltess bridle is that there is not bronze metal piece in the horse’s mouth in order to control it. This ensures that no pain or harm is done to the horse during the ride. This in turn makes the horse free to feel, and it make it listen more, and be willing to comply with what you need it to do. The biltess bride not only does it create a better moving horse, but it establishes a close relationship between the horse and rider, creating a relationship of trust, and love which is essential in the horse- rider relationship. The bridle also makes your horse less spooky, and willing to take

A basic design of the bitless bridle with all the control parts

more risks because nothing is bothering it in its mouth.

The bitless bride ensures a pain free rein aid. The concept in controlling the horse under the bitless bridle is new and innovative, and it will ensure that he horse will comply with your demands.

Steering: To steer your horse with the bitless bridle you simply open your hands towards the direction you would like the horse to move to. This will move the horse from the outside, and will ensure that it is not feeling any discomfort during the steering process

Slowing and stopping: this is one of the best points of the bitless bridle, unlike the bit which causes a lot of pain to the horse especially when trying to stop it, with the bitless you simply pull slightly on both reins. This will create some pressure around the horse’s head, and it will automatically trigger the stopping and slowing action that is required from the horse.

A prototype of the bitless bridle

Problems solved by the bitless bridle:

There is now a new and comforting relationship between the horse and rider

No longer can the horse fit the bit under his tongue and ignore the rider’s actions.

The horse will be willing to comply with the rider’s requests rather than have to abide by it.

The rider will feel a better moving horse

The rider will be able to take more risks and will have a much better advantage with a cooperating horse.


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