Reebok ZigTech (Analysis)

Haven’t you ever wanted to run longer but was too exhausted to continue? Maybe you were suffering muscle pains after a hard workout and was forced to skip the following day’s practice? Whatever the reason or excuse you might have came up with the new ZigTech shoes made by Reebok will make sure you will never miss a day or practice ever again. The new advanced technology put into the creation of these new series of shoes is revolutionary and one of a kind.

Design and Unique Structure

The shoe already stands out from the crowd due to the rarely shaped foam base

Solely the design of the ZigTech is very attractive. Compared to other models of running shoes, it catches your eye due to a much different look and shape, rather than regular trainers that we have seen over and over again in the past years. The shoes are very light; no more than 12 ounces (340 grams) each. The true secret of the shoe is actually the zig-zag base from which the name of the shoe derives. The squiggly foam, according to many shaped to resemble a heartbeat monitor, is light and flexible which allows for great amortization and support. The shoes also have a distinct springiness which becomes more and more noticeable as the runner increases his speed. This is because each part of the foam acts independently, allowing for smooth absorption of the impact. In addition, the shoe uses a common Pump Technology that has been known for the past 20 years however its efficiency has been debated by many.

Other than the advanced base, the shoe has all the characteristics and typical traits of athletic shoes. The toe box, heel cup and the footbed, as experts like to call them, are all areas of the shoe that the ZigTech shares with regular trainers. ZigTech comes in a variety of colors and models but thanks to the Reebok website it is possible to customize your own shoe according to preference.

Reebok allows complete customization of your shoes

Benefits behind the Technology

Reebok’s newest technology implemented in the ZigTech training shoe gives a wide range of benefits to the user:

1. Upon impact with a surface, energy is sent from heel to toe and up to the body allowing the return of some energy lost during the contact with the ground. Many people have stated that the with each step the shoe feels like it’s accelerating and propelling the user forward.

2. The ZigTech reduces the tearing and wearing of important leg muscles by up to 20%, at the same time minimizing chances of damage or injury

3. The stable heel and the soft base provide a strong frame that firmly fits your foot. The shoe is set to rap itself around the foot of the user, fitting it with great precision.

4. Upon exercising, the flexible foam smoothly reacts with the ground. Each part bends independently to fit the irregularities in the surface, providing an even run.

5. The shoes have been said to be very breathable which is quite  useful; the feet do not get as sweaty and the ZigTechs are much more comfortable. This trait can also prevent a variety of blisters or burns from forming on your feet, something that can really effect the running form of regular runners.

The View of the Public

Like in most cases, different people have different opinions and impressions about a product however the ZigTechs have received a large quantity of positive responses. Many athletes, performing a variety of sports ranging from American football to Formula 1 racing, have been endorsing this new shoe model. Among them has been Martin Fagan, an Irish Olympic Marathoner who has been using and adapting the ZigTechs to his daily workout routine. He pointed out the fact that the shoes allowed him to run longer distances and recover faster after a practice. He enjoyed them so much that he began even wearing them to the gym. Fagan said they feel so comfortable that his other shoes do not feel as good anymore.

“It took no time at all to realize how soft and comfortable they were-that happened as soon as I put them on”, said Martin during his interview with one of the Runner’s World journalists.

In general I think that the shoes are a fantastic invention that will greatly enhance and improve the efficiency of the workouts of different athletes. The ZigTech are a tremendous model of training shoes, but nothing more than that. I think in races, whether on low or high competitive levels, they would benefit the user in an unfair and unjust way. Shoes such as these should be used solely for the purpose of training for tournaments were only the skill and ability of the participant matter. Nevertheless, the ZigTechs are shoes that should definitely be checked out during the next visit to one of the Reebok or any other athletic store.

Sources and More Information:

Runner’s World Magazine November 2010 (US Edition)

By Adam Dyk

Class: Design Technology HL 1

Teacher: Mr. Mark Trumpold

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